Ali + Landon | Wedding

This gorgeous love-filled wedding was one for the books!  Ali and Landon exchanged beautiful original vows that brought tears to everyone listening.  Each thought was so sincere and so loving.  What a beautiful and special day their wedding day was, and I am so honored to have been a part of it!

Mark 10:9

Hannah + Jerel | Engagement

Hannah and Jerel are two of the sweetest people you will meet.  They are so fun and easy to be around which made my job so easy.  We shot a bit at Hannah’s parents home (yes, they own a teepee!) and at the place where Jerel proposed.  I love this couple and am so excited for their upcoming wedding!


1 Corinthians 13:3

Stephanie + Ulysses | Wedding

What a gorgeous wedding this was!  Stephanie & Ulysses shared their first look as she walked down the aisle in the beautiful St. Mary’s Church.  My favorite part of a wedding is watching the groom see his bride walking towards him down the aisle, and Ulysses reaction was one for the books!  This wedding was filled with so much love and happiness that I may have shed a few tears myself.  Stephanie was one of the most stunning brides.  Her colors and look was nothing short of classic.

S+U, I wish you two much fun, love and adventure in your marriage!

Song of Solomon 3:4

Kailey + Gustavo | Engagement

What a sweet couple!  Kailey and Gustavo met during college while attending FPU….the rest is history! I am so excited for these two as they begin to plan their wedding and their lives together!

1 Samuel 2:2

Stephanie + Ulysses | Engagement

Have you ever been able to see love?  This couple radiates it and it was such a neat thing to be able to capture it.  Stephanie and Ulysses were such a treat to photograph.  I loved being able to capture sweet little moments; like when Stephanie would laugh at Ulysses or how sweet Ulysses was pulling Stephanie just a little bit closer to him.  What a great shoot with an even greater couple!   Their wedding is going to be a sweet one!

Song of Solomon 3:4